Disinfection systems

In Safetyway we have designed and patented a mobile anti-COVID-19 unit called VKM19, a chamber which reduces by 99.9% the pathogens on all types of surfaces, both internal and external, including electronic devices and any article likely to be contaminated by this virus.

VKM19, which stands for Virus Killer Machine 19, carries out the disinfection of surfaces by nebulization, by means of two technologies tested and validated against COVID-19: chemical and thermal treatment.

This disinfection chamber, the result of our co-operation with the Department of BiotecnIA-Chemical Engineering of the Universidade de Vigo, combines both technologies with great effectiveness, which enables more than 99.99% of the virus to be eliminated (Log 4), without damage to materials or surfaces, providing a germicidal efficiency similar to that used in the pharmaceutical industry.