In the case of transportation of infectious substances, it must always comply with triple packaging, which must involve the following layers:

  • Primary receptacle. A leakproof receptacle that contains the sample. The receptacle is wrapped in enough absorbent material to absorb all of the fluid in the case of breakage.
  • Secondary container. A second durable leakproof container that encloses and protects the primary receptacle or receptacles. Several wrapped primary receptacles can be placed in a secondary container, but enough absorbent material must be used to absorb all the fluid in the case of breakage.
  • Outer packaging.

Each component will be assigned with the following properties

  • Internal pressure: Either the primary or the second container can comply with this characteristic, taking care that if, according to the certification, it is the primary that complies, the supplier has the legal obligation to supply the container along with the primary one; that is, the whole packaging.
  • Rigid: either the secondary or the outer packaging must be rigid, but both do not have to be.