Medibox has undergone numerous tests carried out by Authorised Third Parties which certify that it complies with the current regulations and that it minimises the risk that infectious samples could cause. In order to ensure compliance with Packaging instruction P650 during handling and transportation, the following instructions must be followed:

1. Place the biological materials classified as UN 3373 in the leakproof primary receptacles.

2. Place the primary receptacles individually in the corresponding racks in order to avoid impacts between them during their transportation.

* If liquid samples are being shipped, ensure that the bottom of the secondary container has been provided with enough absorbent material to retain all of the liquid content that is to be transported.
* If it is necessary to maintain a specific temperature, follow the instructions for use of MEDIBOX with controlled temperature.

3. Place the tube rack inside the secondary container and close the lid, pressing down gently while sliding the closing system.

4. Place the secondary container inside the outer packaging and indicate on the label that the packaging contains biological samples.

5. Close the zipper of the outer packaging completely. From this moment on, the UN 3373 biological samples can be transported in complete safety.

Download our file regarding Packaging Instruction P650 and check all the details.