Instructions for use

Medimail is specially designed for the handling and transportation of small quantities of infectious samples by courier or similar services. It has undergone numerous tests, carried out by Authorised Third Parties, which certify that it complies with the current regulations and that it successfully minimises the risk that infectious samples may cause. In order to guarantee compliance with Packaging Instruction P650, the instructions below must be followed during its handling and transportation:

Option: flexible secondary container 95kPa

Option: rigid secondary container 95kPa


1. Place the Category B infectious materials in the leakproof primary receptacles.

2. Place the primary receptacles individually inside the absorbent pouch.

3. Place the absorbent pouch inside the chosen secondary container and place this inside the outer packaging.

4. Close the outer packaging and ensure that it is properly closed. Fill in clearly the shipping details.

5. Finally, apply the tamperproof sticker so that it seals and joins together the main body and the lid of the outer packaging. After this your Category B samples can be shipped in total safety.

*IMPORTANT: It must be shipped in such a way that the identifying symbols "UN3373" and "Category B Biological Material" can be clearly seen; these identifications must not be concealed by further packaging.