We offer companies and public institutions the biosafety solutions that best satisfy their needs.

Safety adviser

We provide any company or public institution with the services of an external Safety Adviser to supervise the operations of packaging and shipment.

The safety adviser is compulsory for any company whose activity involves dangerous goods.

Protocol and protection plans

We draw up Protocols and Biosafety Plans for the management of biological risk for companies that handle infectious agents, in order to minimize the negative impact on the health of persons, animals and/or the environment.


Our experts provide specialist advice on the evaluation of the risks involved in the handling of biological agents and genetically modified agents.


We carry out a systematic independent inspection of the premises and processes of a company or institution, in order to verify the compliance with the regulations and protocols concerning biosafety.

Other services

We offer additional support and training services to companies and institutions on the subject of biosafety, transportation and the treatment of infectious materials.