Managing Biological Risk

At Safetyway we are specialists in the management of biological risk and in the assessment and implementation of biosafe processes in places where the treatment of infectious substances is carried out.

We are experts in the safe transportation of Category A samples thanks to our Triple Packaging System. Leave it to us!

How we can help you


We carry out the management of any type of substance or waste material in complete safety, from its handling to its final destruction.


We take care of the question of assessment and management during the treatment of hazardous samples and substances, for both private companies and public institutions.


We can offer a most comprehensive range of specialized items for the safe transportation of biological and medical substances and waste.


We have patented VKM19, an anti-COVID-19 mobile sterilization unit which is capable of disinfecting surfaces by air and eliminating 99.99% of pathogens.

Turn your company into a biosafe environment: