Triple packaging system

Three components are specified for the transportation of diagnostic samples classified as Category B Biological Materials.

Primary receptacles:

These contain the samples, and it is compulsory that they be leakproof.They may be in the form of test tubes, Petri dishes, urine collectors, etc.

MEDIBOX secondary containers:

Its role is to contain and protect any leakproof primary receptacle; it consists of a rectangular container which allows the insertion of a wide range of absorbent materials with the primary receptacles with no further handling necessary, which facilitates workflow while maintaining biosafety.
Made of hi-tech plastic, it is provided with enough absorbent material to retain any liquid in the case of breakage of the primary receptacle. A variable temperature cooler can be fitted in the top, which distributes the cold air uniformly. It is easy to clean and sterilize.

Outer packaging:

Sturdy rigid packaging to protect the secondary containers and primary receptacles from possible impacts and damage during transportation. It comprises a nylon-polyester bag provided with handles to facilitate its use and transport, with inner reinforcements; the materials from which it is manufactured make it long-lasting and allow cleaning and maintenance. It has a system of reversible and configurable labelling to classify the type of sample to be shipped, and the size is configurable depending on the needs of the client.