Why you should choose Medibox

As stated in paragraph of ADR, the dispatcher is responsible for the packaging and labelling of the goods that are sent, and not third parties such as the carrier.

The container or packaging is work equipment, and according to the legislation applicable with respect to occupational safety, the person responsible must provide the workers with adequate materials and protect the workers against infectious substances.
The labelling is what defines, from the outside, the type of goods and the danger they represent, so that in the case of an accident the correct action will be taken. If it is badly done, it means taking unnecessary risks or giving wrong information, in addition to non-compliance with the legislation, and may result in penalties.

Why should I choose Medibox?

1. It complies with packaging instruction P650 for "Category B Biological Materials" (UN3373)

2. It complies with Royal Decree 1215/97 for minimum health and safety requirements for the use of work equipment.

3. It complies with Royal Decree 664/97 for the protection of workers in contact with biological agents.

4. It complies with Royal Decree 31/95 for Occupational Risk Prevention.

5. It is the only rectangular secondary packaging system for clinical samples in the world that can withstand an internal pressure of 95kPa (P650 UN 3373)

6. It is designed for the transportation of any leakproof primary receptacle.

7. Its rectangular design adapts to the workflow in laboratories.

8. It is modular and easy to use, which means it can adapt to the client's needs.

9. It reduces logistics costs in material and transport.

10. It is 100% reusable; only the absorbent material needs to be changed. Can also be used with dry ice.

Important information
  • Do not use this packaging system to transport objects or goods that are not Category B biological materials (UN 3373)
  • The shipper is responsible for the delivery of the dangerous goods correctly packaged according to the current transport regulations.
  • Safetyway accepts no responsibility if these instructions for use are not followed strictly.